director photo

Dr. Balás

Heaf of Functional neurosurgical department, University of Pécs, Hungary

Curriculum vitae

Head of Functional Neurosurgical Department and tenured professor of University of Pecs, Hungary. Neurosurgeon, neurologist, specialist for stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. Performs yearly around 300 functional and general neurosurgical procedures. Since 1994 he has performed over 800 stereotactic deep brain interventions. His practice covers almost all aspects of functional neurosurgery including: DBS for movement disorders, neuromodulation for epilepsy (implantation of VNS and DBS), neurosurgical pain management (spine surgery, spinal cord stimulation, motor cortex
stimulation, and deep brain interventions). He introduced several neuromodulative therapies in Hungary (stereotactic deep brain ablations for pain and movement disorders since 1994, DBS for movement disorders since 2001, SCS for pain and angina pectoris since 2003, sacral nerve stimulation for bladder control since 2010, DBS for epilepsy since 2011, DBS for aggressive behaviour since 2011). He also introduced the technique of intraoperative microelectrode recording in Hungary. Founder of the Neuromodulation Center of Excellence in Pecs. Participates actively in the training of graduate and postgraduate students and medical doctors. Participates and regular speaker of national and international conferences. Since 2008 regular organizer of Symposiums on Neurostimulation for Central and East-European neurologist and neurosurgeons. Since 2010 regular organizer of practical and theoretical training courses on DBS for movement disorders for Central and East-European participants.