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Dr. Kern

Dr. Michael Kern

Michael Kern MD

Born 20.06.1965, Linz, Austria

Dr. med. University of Vienna, 1993

General practitioner and specialist for emergency medicine, 1999

Training for anaesthesia, intensive care, Hospital St. John of God, Vienna

Consultant anaesthesia and intensive care, 2004

Education in pain therapy and implanting stimulation and intrathecal drug devices since 2000 (Prof. Ilias, Vienna)

Leading position pain therapy St. Elisabeth Hospital Graz since 2005 (Dr. Neuhold),

one of the largest implant centres in Austria, working with sc stimulation since 2004

Pain specialist (Prof. Likar, Klagenfurt; Prof. Sittl, Erlangen, D)

Training for doctors in implant techniques and ECMT trainings in Austria

Participation in sc stimulation registries and studies, involved in sc consensus finding for PNFS in Europe and US

Consultant anaesthesia, intensive care and pain therapy,

St Elisabeth Hospital

Elisabethinergasse 14

A 8020 Graz


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