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11th Tractography Workshop, Microsurgical laboratory of the department of neurosurgery

Date: 27-28-29 May 2019   Venue: Vienna, Austria

This training program will be in English language. The agenda will be available on the website soon.

Prof. Wolfsberger

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ECMT Course Director
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Course description

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) has recently gained importance, not only for planning of neurosurgical approaches, but also as a subcortical adjunct to functional MR image data for intraoperative neuro-navigation. The workshop uniquely combines cadaver dissection of white matter fiber tracts with hands on DTI-tractography training.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at neurosurgeons who want to get acquainted with the white matter tract anatomy and with DTI-tractography of the human brain. 

Learning objectives

The main objective of the course is practical training both on human cadaver specimens and on a DTI Tractography system. The number of participants is limited to 14 for whom a sufficient number of tutors will be provided.
Each day commences with microscopic cadaver dissection introduced by anatomical and surgical experts. The afternoon is dedicated to hands-on fiber-tracking with special emphasis on its application for surgical planning and intraoperative navigation. StealthDTI® tractography and navigation systems are provided in collaboration with the Medtronic Company.
A dedicated part of the course covers 3D visualization techniques and their application for neurosurgical planning using the StealthViz® software tool.


An application for accreditation will be submitted with Österreichische Akademie der Ärzte GmbH