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ITB Advanced Adults in Innsbruck

Date: 30 November-1 December 2017   Venue: Zirl/Innsbruck, Austria

This training program will be in English language.

Prof. Saltuari

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ECMT Course Director
Prof. Saltuari

Course Description

2-day advanced program on ITB for the treatment of severe spasticity with a focus on post-stroke spasticity management. 

Target Audience

Rehabilitation specialists highly experienced with the treatment of adult spasticity using ITB:
- Neurologists
- Rehabilitation surgeons
- Physical therapists
- Physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training participants will:
- Treat focal spasticity by using EMG and stimulation-assisted administration of botulinum toxin
- Select patients eligible for ITB therapy
- Implant and refill implants according to best practices
- Program and troubleshoot the pump with advanced settings
- Neurophysiologically evaluate ITB effects 



CME credits will be applied for with Österreichische Akademie der Ärzte GmbH